• Lea Simpson

    Lea Simpson

    Founder of Brink, Team Leader of the Frontier Technologies Hub. Tech optimist and lifelong nerd.

  • Aaron Aspi

    Aaron Aspi

  • Eduardo Jezierski

    Eduardo Jezierski

    I believe in the power of technology to augment human society. Reinforcement Learning AI @ Microsoft. Previously InSTEDD CEO/CTO. Posts my own.

  • rrbaker


    Interested in the intersection of Natural Language Processing and the humanities.

  • Jacobo Quintanilla

    Jacobo Quintanilla

    Community Engagement Advisor @ICRC, passionate about #commisaid. Former Director of Humanitarian Communication Programs @Internews. Proud @PopTech fellow.

  • Tim Rutherford

    Tim Rutherford

  • villavec


    Viento de libertad, sangre combativa.

  • Mik Pisani

    Mik Pisani

    according to @amatodesign I am a quirky franco-maltese post-grad with a certain positive outlook that hates to be institutionalised :)

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