Reflection Paper: Money Flows and Blockchains in Aid

1. What are the main challenges of international money flows from donors to beneficiaries?

  1. Speed: it can take weeks for transfers to arrive, even during an emergency, slowing down the response and making it difficult to plan.
  2. Efficiency: bank charges, poor exchange rates and currency fluctuations raise costs, reducing the amount that reaches those in need.
  3. Transparency: funds cannot be traced from end-to-end, creating potential for mismanagement, and decreasing accountability.
  4. Mismanagement: the three problems above increase the likelihood of waste, including potential for fraud and corruption.

2. How can blockchain technology contribute to solving these challenges?

What is the added value of the technology itself?

What role does the technology play in mediating trust?




I live in the city because I got tired of living up the mountain.

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Paul Currion

Paul Currion

I live in the city because I got tired of living up the mountain.

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